Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso, also known as Welcome to the Ballroom, is a sports anime that centers around the world of competitive ballroom dancing. The anime premiered in July 2017 and ran for 24 episodes. The story follows the journey of Tatara Fujita, a young boy who discovers his passion for ballroom dancing after stumbling upon a dance studio.

Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso received mixed reviews from viewers and critics alike. Some praised the anime for its stunning animation, well-choreographed dance sequences, and character development, while others criticized it for its slow pacing and lack of focus on the sport itself. Despite the mixed reviews, the anime has gained a dedicated fanbase and has been praised for its portrayal of the competitive ballroom dancing world.

In this article, we will review Ballroom e Youkoso, analyzing its positive aspects, criticisms, character development, and comparing it to other sports anime in the genre. Through this analysis, we aim to provide a comprehensive review of the anime and ultimately provide a conclusion on whether or not it is worth watching for fans of the sports anime genre.

Positive Aspects

Animation and Visuals

The animation and visuals of Ballroom e Youkoso are simply stunning. The character designs are unique and memorable, with each character having their own distinct look and personality. The animation is fluid and dynamic, especially during the dance scenes, which are beautifully choreographed and executed. The attention to detail in the animation is impressive, with the movements of the characters and their clothing being incredibly realistic.

Music and Sound Design

The music and sound design of Ballroom e Youkoso are top-notch. The soundtrack is a mix of upbeat, energetic dance music and emotional, introspective pieces. The sound effects are also well-done, with the sound of the dancers’ shoes tapping on the floor adding to the immersion of the dance scenes. The voice acting is also noteworthy, with each voice actor bringing their character to life with their performances.

Plot and Storytelling

The plot and storytelling of Ballroom e Youkoso are engaging and well-paced. The story follows the journey of Tatara Fujita as he discovers his passion for ballroom dancing and works to become a competitive dancer. The characters are well-developed and their relationships with each other are explored in depth. The themes of hard work, perseverance, and self-discovery are woven throughout the story in a meaningful way. The pacing of the story is well-done, with each episode leaving the viewer wanting more.


Pacing and Structure

One of the main criticisms of Ballroom e Youkoso is its pacing and structure. Some viewers found the pacing to be slow and uneven, with some episodes feeling rushed while others dragged on. The structure of the anime was also criticized, with some viewers feeling that the story was disjointed and lacked a clear direction.

While the slow pacing can be attributed to the anime’s focus on character development and the intricacies of ballroom dancing, it can also make the anime feel tedious at times. Additionally, the structure of the anime can be confusing, with some episodes feeling like filler while others advance the plot significantly.

Character Development

While Ballroom e Youkoso does an excellent job of portraying the technical aspects of ballroom dancing, some viewers felt that the character development was lacking. Some characters, such as Shizuku and Hyodo, were given more attention than others, leaving some viewers feeling that the supporting cast was underdeveloped.

Additionally, some viewers felt that the character arcs were predictable, with characters overcoming their personal challenges in a formulaic manner. While the character development was not perfect, it did provide a solid foundation for the anime’s themes of perseverance and self-improvement.

Plot Holes and Inconsistencies

Another criticism of Ballroom e Youkoso is the presence of plot holes and inconsistencies. Some viewers found it difficult to follow the progression of the story, with events happening without adequate explanation or build-up.

Additionally, some viewers felt that the anime relied too heavily on tropes and cliches, such as the underdog story and the rival-turned-ally trope. While these elements can be effective when used well, they can also come across as contrived and overused.

Overall, while Ballroom e Youkoso is not without its flaws, it is still a well-crafted anime that explores the world of ballroom dancing in an engaging and informative manner. While it may not be for everyone, it is definitely worth a watch for those interested in the sport or in character-driven dramas.

Character Analysis

Tatara Fujita

Throughout the series, Tatara’s character undergoes significant development. He becomes more confident and assertive, and his determination to succeed in ballroom dancing never wavers. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Tatara never gives up and continues to strive towards his goals.

Tatara Fujita is the protagonist of Ballroom e Youkoso. He is a shy, introverted middle school student who lacks direction in life. However, after being introduced to the world of ballroom dancing, he finds a passion and drive that he never knew existed. Tatara is a hard worker and a quick learner, and his dedication to improving his skills in dance is inspiring.

Ballroom e Youkoso, Tatara Fujita

Shizuku Hanaoka

Shizuku Hanaoka is a talented ballroom dancer who serves as a mentor to Tatara. She is initially cold and distant towards him, but as they spend more time together, they develop a close bond. Shizuku is a perfectionist who takes her craft very seriously, and her dedication to ballroom dancing is evident in her flawless technique.

Despite her outward confidence, Shizuku is plagued by self-doubt and insecurities. She struggles with the pressure to succeed and fears letting down her partner and coach. However, her friendship with Tatara helps her to overcome these issues and become a stronger dancer and person.

Ballroom e Youkoso, Shizuku Hanaoka

Kiyoharu Hyodo

Kiyoharu Hyodo is a talented ballroom dancer and the main rival of Tatara. He is known for his flashy and flamboyant style, which sets him apart from other dancers. Kiyoharu is confident and charismatic, and his presence on the dance floor is captivating.

However, Kiyoharu’s arrogance and single-minded focus on winning can sometimes make him come across as cold and unapproachable. He often clashes with Tatara, but the two share a mutual respect for each other’s abilities as dancers.

Overall, the character development in Ballroom e Youkoso is one of its strongest aspects. Each character is unique and complex, and their struggles and triumphs in the world of ballroom dancing are engaging and inspiring to watch.

Ballroom e Youkoso, Kiyoharu Hyodo

Comparison to Other Sports Anime


Haikyuu!! is a popular sports anime that focuses on the sport of volleyball. Both Haikyuu!! and Ballroom e Youkoso share a similar theme of hard work and dedication. The characters in Haikyuu!! and Ballroom e Youkoso are passionate about their respective sports and are willing to put in the effort to improve their skills.

However, the pacing of the two anime shows is vastly different. Haikyuu!! is fast-paced and action-packed, while Ballroom e Youkoso is more focused on the technical aspects of ballroom dancing. The intense matches in Haikyuu!! are thrilling to watch, while the intricate dance routines in Ballroom e Youkoso are visually stunning.


Free! is another popular sports anime that centers around the sport of swimming. Unlike Ballroom e Youkoso, Free! has a larger focus on the relationships between the characters, with a heavy emphasis on friendship and teamwork.

Ballroom e Youkoso, on the other hand, focuses more on the individual characters and their journeys to become better dancers. The characters in Ballroom e Youkoso are driven by their own personal motivations and desires, rather than working towards a common goal.

Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket is a sports anime that revolves around the sport of basketball. The anime is known for its flashy animation and over-the-top action scenes.

In comparison, Ballroom e Youkoso is more grounded in reality. The anime portrays ballroom dancing as a serious sport that requires discipline and hard work. The characters in Ballroom e Youkoso must practice for hours to perfect their routines and are constantly striving to improve their technique.

Overall, while Ballroom e Youkoso shares similar themes with other sports anime, its focus on ballroom dancing and the technical aspects of the sport make it unique.


Ballroom e Youkoso is an anime that has its strengths and weaknesses. The animation and music are top-notch, and the characters are well-developed and likable. The story is engaging and keeps the audience invested in the characters’ journey. However, the pacing can be slow at times, and the ending is somewhat unsatisfying.

Despite its flaws, Ballroom e Youkoso is a unique and enjoyable anime that is worth watching. It offers a fresh take on the sports genre and provides a glimpse into the world of competitive ballroom dancing. The anime’s portrayal of the dedication and hard work required to excel in this sport is inspiring and thought-provoking.

Compared to other sports anime, Ballroom e Youkoso stands out for its attention to detail and accuracy in depicting ballroom dancing. It is evident that the creators put in a lot of effort to research and understand the sport, and this is reflected in the anime’s realistic portrayal of the dance styles and techniques.

In conclusion, Ballroom e Youkoso is an anime that deserves recognition for its unique premise, beautiful animation, and engaging characters. While it may not be perfect, it is still a must-watch for anyone interested in sports anime or ballroom dancing.