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One Piece

Who is the weakest Warlord in One Piece?

Many fans of One Piece are curious about which is the weakest Warlord. While there are several candidates for this title, one name that often comes up is Gecko Moria. Moria was one of the Rookies when the Great Age of Pirates began and wreaked havoc across the New World. He was powerful enough to […]

Do you like or dislike One Piece?

One Piece has faced criticism despite its popularity from some viewers and readers. Some people find the pacing of the series to be slow, while others dislike the art style or certain story arcs. However, many fans argue that these criticisms are outweighed by the series’ strengths and that One Piece is a must-watch or must-read […]

MIHAWK vs SHANKS, Who would win?

Both Mihawk and Shanks are known for their exceptional swordsmanship and their mastery of Haki, a special ability in the One Piece universe that allows users to sense and manipulate spiritual energy. Fans have debated for years about who would win in a fight between the two characters. Mihawk is known as the strongest swordsman […]

Which is the best arc in One Piece?

One Piece, the popular manga and anime series, has been around for over two decades and has a massive following worldwide. With over 1000 chapters and 900 episodes, the show has had numerous story arcs, each with its own unique plot, characters, and themes. Fans have debated for years about which arc is the best, […]

Naruto vs One Piece, WHICH IS BETTER?

Two of the most popular anime series of all time are Naruto and One Piece. Both shows have gained a massive following around the world and have been praised for their unique characters, intricate plots, and epic battles. Fans of both anime series have been debating which one is better for years, but the answer […]

One Piece Fan-Theory: Predicting Luffy’s Future Wife

One topic that has been the subject of much speculation and debate among fans of the series is who will be Luffy’s wife. While the series has not yet explicitly addressed this question, there are plenty of fan theories and opinions on the matter. Some fans believe that Luffy will end up with one of […]

One Piece: Emperio Ivankov’s Absence – Do You Miss Him?

One Piece is a popular anime and manga series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The series has been running for over two decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down. One of the characters that fans have come to love is Emporio Ivankov, also known as Iva. Ivankov is the Queen […]

Shanks Unveils GodLike Haki Ability

After 25 years, fans of the popular anime series One Piece finally got a glimpse of the true power and strength of one of its most iconic characters, Red-Haired Shanks. In chapter 1079, which was released on March 23, 2023, creator Eiichiro Oda revealed a new god-like Haki ability that Shanks possesses, leaving fans in […]

One Piece & Bleach to Air on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network has announced that it will be adding two popular anime series to its lineup, One Piece and Bleach. This news comes after the success of Dragon Ball Z’s return to the network, which has been met with enthusiastic response from fans. The addition of these two series is sure to excite anime fans […]

Zoro Unleashes New Powers and Final Ashura Transformation in One Piece

Zoro, one of the main characters in the popular anime and manga series One Piece, has recently undergone a transformation that has left fans buzzing with excitement. In a recent episode of the series, Zoro’s new powers and final ASHURA transformation were revealed, showcasing his incredible strength and skill. As a skilled swordsman and member […]